Thursday, October 27, 2016


As told to Anita Jo's Literary Agent

OCTOBER 27, 2016

     I recently heard from my client Anita Jo Intenzo and she had some frightening things to discuss with me. Ever since her book Dark Transference came out this month of October, she and her son Chris have had some unusual and terrifying occurrences that they feel they could be under psychic attack. Anita has experienced some medical difficulties recently which she did not believe were related to publishing her book. However, the recent physical attacks her she and her son have described to me could be related to the timing of her book being released this month. Here is a direct link to see her book on her website page.

Shadow man at Anita's front door captured July 2012.

     As any reader of her books well knows, Anita and her son have been greatly affected by paranormal conditions they have lived through in the last 7 years from the first moment they took charge of her deceased friend Paul Jaeger's estate in 2009. Their story inspired the well-received episode Portal of Doom, which aired on A Haunting TV show in 2014, and graphically showed the horrific confrontations they endured with supernatural, evil forces in a haunting situation at Paul’s house.

Bill Bean, world renown deliverance minister, going down our basement steps to meet the unknown entities.

   There have been many paranormal incidents leading up to Anita publishing this second book. She believes a very destructive entity arrived last year at her house after she sold her mother’s house. Many personal items have been found broken, or disappeared and later found and multiple hand and finger prints on her mirrors. 

Incredible fingerprints of one hand on upstairs bathroom mirror. Notice the thumb looks transparent. 
Appeared day after the TV show episode aired, December 29th, 2014

An English Long Bow, that Chris painted and designed, was found off the wall mountings and snapped one Friday night in September 2015. In takes a lot of strength to break Hickory wood like this. 

Multiple finger prints on Anita's upstairs bathroom mirror. September 2016

     Here is one I took when we had lunch several months ago and suddenly I saw Anita's new shirt damaged right in front of me. There was a rip on her shoulder as if someone had sharp nails and torn through the fabric. You could also see white finger marks that were left!


     As recently as last Tuesday, October 17th, Anita and Chris were prone to sudden spells of mental and physical attacks. It started with Chris having a dream one night and was warned, “Watch out for the Krunrats!”   
     What the hell is a Krunrat? they asked. Does anyone know?

     Not able to find any reference to this on the internet, they had no idea what they were in for. The very next day they heard loud bangs, footsteps running throughout their house and Chris swore someone was dancing above him on the second floor when no one was upstairs. This was setting a stage for more paranormal incidents.

      At his hobby store last Wednesday, Chris entered the building with a temperature at a steady 75 degrees. Twenty minutes later as he was busy with inventory the temperature rose to 94 degrees! He then had a sudden stomach ache, broke out in a cold sweat and landed in the bathroom until he felt better. 

Chris's hobby store, Enter The Realm.

     Later, Chris entered his office and found the battery operated clock on the wall said 1 PM when it was only 11:30 AM. Before he could change it the time changed to 2:30 then 4 PM in a matter of 10 minutes. He then heard a loud bang and when he investigated he found that there was blue fluid all over the bathroom floor from a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner being thrown against the wall. Frightened, Chris called his mother and asked if she could come to the store which she did although she had not been feeling well. That night as they went over last minute displays for an upcoming event, Anita was suddenly hit with a seizure that left her dizzy, in a cold sweat, shaken and unsteady on her feet. She had medication with her but had to wait 2 hours before feeling well enough to drive home.

     Three days later, the clock stayed froze at 12:35 PM and they even had stones thrown at them as they entered their store late Saturday night while unloading their car after the event. The parking lot was deserted.

     There is something definitely weird going on and not of a normal nature and hopefully things will calm down for them; but one never knows when you live a paranormal life like my client and her son have lived the last 7 years. 

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