Friday, April 15, 2016


Of all my 75 blogs I've written the last few years there is one blog on "Ghostly or Demonic Hand Prints?" that has garnered over 22,000 views!

I have mentioned in earlier blogs that spirits can make sounds: footsteps, screams, bangs, tapping sounds, etc. and in most rare cases, spirits known as poltergeists can move or break objects. I have witnessed this first hand.

However there is other unique physical evidence, that I'd like to update here that is part of a haunting situation- unexplained hand prints and fingerprints on different surfaces and include some intriguing readers responses sharing their experiences.

Have you seen a footprint or a hand print on a window, table, or car where an entity could be responsible for the imprint?
Have you been left a sign of the presence of someone in another dimension of reality?

Is it purely to let us know they are around or evidence of something more sinister? 
Can a ghost or entity leave a visible hand print/fingerprint?


(UNKNOWN) September 14, 2015
I have been waking up every morning for the last three days with finger print marks on the same arm in the same spot. I've tried to take pictures but can't seem to capture the prints just the out line. I just recently moved in with a friend who's fiance past away about three years ago. I believe it may be ghostly but I'm not entirely convinced. Please if you have any advice let me know. Thank you.

(E. Ventor) November 15, 2015
I'm haunted by and get ghostly fingerprints in different places (not just in my home anymore) are not ghostly, I'm certain its demonic, coz of my demonic dreams and stuff. Got caught in all of this w/o wanting to have anything to do with it in the first place. Trust me. They leave fingerprints on windows, sometimes other glass places, like on big screen TV, mirrors. They are different. Sometimes HUGE like of an old man (obviously not a man), other times, smaller and ...umm like as if they were sharpened fingers, not a completely circular shape if u know what I mean?

(Tena) December 6, 2015
Something similar has happened to me almost 10 years ago. I was living with my aunt in her flat back then. It was winter and you know how glass on the windows gets steamy when it's cold outside and warm inside. I woke up one morning and went to the window to open it. There were fingerprints all over the window glass from the outside,very visible because of the steam on. I saw it next few mornings too. Right around that time or after it,i woke up one morning and saw the fingerprint shape bruises on my hand,like somebody grabbed me around my wrist hard enough to leave bruises after. I know that nobody grabbed me like that those days before it. I don't know how those bruises got there,i even put my fingertips on them,but they didn't match(i thought maybe i did it while sleeping). I think i saw those fingerprints on the window of my room in the flat where i live now too. I don't think about it much,but they are very visible when winter comes. Any ideas? Anybody experienced something similar? I would be grateful for any comment that would put any light on what could that be. Thank you!

(Lastarseed) December 23, 2105
I've had very similar experiences and still having trouble figuring out what it all means. ..would really like some answers.

Dear Readers, I do believe some things do have the ability to touch, throw items and leave marks on the flesh. I myself have been scratched while in my upstairs bathroom and it felt like a knife cutting into me. Entities that are making themselves known like this are not of a benevolent type but a negative energy.This is not a loved one trying to get in touch with you if you experience visceral fear. If you are under different severe stress like losing someone close to you that also trigger negative forces to be attached to you. Perhaps you brought in an antique object that is new to your home that should not be there. i.e. a mirror that may be a conductor of supernatural portals for poltergeist activity.Get rid of it! I caution everyone, do not provoke or feed into the fear. Find a minister or professional person who can work with you in a divine intervention, or a house blessing. More on this later.


(MovingSun) January 6, 2016I had en encounter last April. It lasted three days and without going into too much detail after the first two nights I was convinced what I was experiencing was real but I wanted proof so I asked the visiting spirit to leave a mark I could see and I woke up the next morning with fingerprints on my chin. I knew at that point the encounters I was having were real. I took very clear pictures of it and it was there for over 3 weeks.

(Tena)    January 11, 201 at 4:24 PM
I've had an "encounter" a few years ago in the store/shop. I was buying stuff and at one point was passing next to the shelf with cooking pottery. I was minding my own business,when all the sudden one part from the set of that pottery "attacked" me. It just flew through the air from that shelf in my direction and missed me for 1-2cm. There was nobody around or behind that shelf,and if that part was just on the edge to fall,it would fall down,not flew through the air towards me. One woman,like,a 2 metars in front of me (that shelf was on my left side) witnessed it. I quietly asked her if that really happened and she just nodded with her head,in disbelief herself. ???

(Rob Kerr) February 20, 2016 at 1:53 PM

I left the room to get a bath and my husband started making wired sounds and I got straight out and went to him and when I woke him he had two hand prints on his shoulder he told me he got grabbed from behind by a man with black eyes there were children laffing and doing ringer roses he said he could smell burning and also when he settled back down he kept turning over and looking at Mirrow this morning he said some think was telling him to smash it up ??? Can any one help


From your description of the incidents it sounds like a poltergeist by the activity. This could be from either a benevolent spirit as if that newly deceased person you mentioned is letting you know they are there, they are OK and watching over you. If you experience something more aggressive or threatens you or harms (scratches, breaking things). I feel then you may need some guidance by a reputable paranormal investigator to help or a minister that you trust to bless the house. I too have had all the experiences you mentioned above and have a wonderful friend Bill Bean
a deliverance minister,who has helped me. 
He has come to my home several times and bless the house of negative entities with holy water, sacred prayers and incense that he sanctions: Frankincense, myrrh, hyssop and black salt that can be bought on the internet and not expensive. We put them in a metal incense burner and the smoke was carried throughout the house. 

For those of you who seem to be dealing with negative forces, I urge you don't go it alone! Find a minister or professional person who can work with you in divine intervention.  I understand what you all are going through. I live a paranormal life everyday but will never give in and cower to forces that do not belong in my home. Be warriors of light and never let the darkness in.

(Unknown) March 5, 2016

I have three thousand pics, just guessing, I have seen them also in living beings. I just too a photo at Mcdonalds on my windshield, dozen heads or so. I'm going to use them for the glory of god. Any advice?

MY REPLY April 15, 2016 at 9:40 AM

I feel that the things you are seeing and photographing are very real phenomena. I have had a 6 finger imprint on my son's car right after he had a freak accident with it. 
I would caution the more you photograph the more the spirits or ghosts will seek you out more for the attention you are providing them. You are documenting these on your own but you may need some guidance by a reputable paranormal investigators to sort these things out and perhaps let you know what you are dealing with. I caution you, there is power in capturing images. Not all spirits are there to promote goodwill but you will find infiltrators that are negative opportunists also. Bill Bean has helped me sort out the good from the bad entities that have entered my home. Beware! Good luck, take care and God Bless!