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Can the dead really speak to us? Can these disembodied voices imprint themselves and be captured on electronic devices?

Imagine the surprise for both radio show host Norene Balovich of "Do You Believe" (LiveSciFi.TV) and myself as her guest on her live SKYPE show last Sunday night (May 18th) when during the broad cast we were alerted by listeners that spectral voices (EVPS) were being heard over me as I was being interviewed!!!! 

Electronic voice phenomena (EVP) are sounds found on electronic recordings which resemble speech, but are reportedly not the result of intentional recording or rendering. EVP'S are commonly found in recordings with static, stray radio transmissions, and background
noise. Recordings of EVP are often produced by increasing the gain (i.e. sensitivity) of the recording equipment.

Paranormal explanations for the origin of EVP include living humans imprinting thoughts directly on an electronic medium through psychokinesis and communication by entities such as spirits, nature energies, beings from other dimensions, or extraterrestrials. Portable digital voice recorders are currently the technology of choice for EVP investigators.

Interest in EVP surrounds claims that they are of paranormal origin,although a number of natural explanations have been offered including apophenia (finding significance in insignificant phenomena), auditory pareidolia (interpreting random sounds as voices in one's own language), equipment artifacts, and hoaxes. 

Investigators today, equipped with electronic gear—like EMF meters, video cameras, and audio recorders—scour reportedly haunted venues, trying to uncover visual and audio evidence of ghosts. Many use portable recording devices in an attempt to capture EVP. (Some EVP enthusiasts describe hearing the words in EVP as an ability, much like learning a new language. Skeptics suggest that the claimed instances may be misinterpretations of natural phenomena, inadvertent influence of the electronic equipment by researchers, or deliberate influencing of the researchers and the equipment by third parties).

The concept of EVP has had an impact on popular culture. It is popular as an entertaining pursuit, as in ghost hunting, and as a means of dealing with grief. It has influenced literature,radio, film, and television.
Many "Paranormal" radio shows and Podcasts on the internet deal directly with the subject of EVP'S on a weekly basis by hosting people who are ghost investigators, authors and psychics who explore this topic and inform their audience with their sometimes shocking and terrifying recorded evidence. HOW IRONIC! READ ON!

SO- what exactly was going on during the live broad cast radio show hosted Norene Balovich of "Do You Believe" ?

As I was talking to Norene and answering her questions, the audio noise was crazy! Norene's fan going on and off on her computer (which never happened before) her mike had interference of bangs and knocks on it and then foul language and threats aimed at me were spoken in both German and English. This evidence during the live show of the paranormal EVP phenomenon just blew the audience away! It went on for the entire 52 minute show! 

After the show I received some transcripts of what was said and there were horrific comments: about me, my book, the Holocaust and telling me I should not say anything else about the book and I should not have shown the artifacts I found at my deceased friend's house! Example: Nazi pins and German coins.

The next day I gave the show link to my son, Chris who many of you know is highly psychic, and he listened to the show on his cell phone-having it right up to his ear. He proceeded to write down what he heard-not knowing what the other people had listed of what they heard. The results were incredible. He wrote down 70 incidents of anomalies and EVPS from the broad cast. The man and woman were speaking with German Accents! Many of the words and phrases were the same as the other people had reported listening to the show when I compared the lists. Also, my son was physically and mentally drained after doing this! He said it was very hard listening to the awful EVPS.

Here is the Link to the show if you missed it:

(Note: The chat room was filled with posts written in the German language! Norene sent a draft of some of the EVPs and what they said after translation and I were horrified how directly they related to the haunting I had experienced 5 years go at the real Estate of Horror!! There was direct spectral interaction with our whole conversation during the show.

Here is another true encounter with one very disturbing EVP I captured in the basement of my house in February 2010. This is only a small sample of the continued evidence my family and I have collected while being on a long 5 year journey of living a paranormal life.

Home Aud 08.aup is the file name. It was only 9:13 minutes long.
Here is the sequence:
00-6:30- from the beginning I asked a series of questions to my deceased friend and members of his family about the things missing in our house and what we took out of his home, etc.
at 6:30-  heard static and there are bumps or taps
7:02-  suddenly the audio gets louder although I did not put up the volume-I had put the recorder down on a box the whole time and never touched it-something tuned up the volume dial.
8:34- I mention that the heater turned on
8:37- I say, "That's going to make noise"
8:40- (This is it) large area on the audio a Horrible raspy voice saying (we think)
"SHUT OFF THE RECORDER" It scared the Hell out of me.
8:42-9:13- I don't react at all as I didn't hear the voice and just goes to the end as I go back upstairs.
I can't include include the whole audio clip because of privacy issues.  If you would like me to e-mail the 10 second Sound Wave clip to you (you can play it on your Windows Media player) of that horrific EVP voice please contact me:  

When you hear this- it will give you nightmares!

You know I was warned not to publish my book Estate of Horror. Guess what ghosts? Heads up! I'm writing the sequel!

Now you know why I'm called the Haunted Author!

UPDATE: For those loyal readers who have made this blog one of then most read with over 7900 views please stay tuned for more on this phenomena and my continued haunted experiences in my sequel Dark Transference coming out in September 2016!  You can visit my Facebook page for more information.