Saturday, August 24, 2013


There has been much debate in the paranormal community about the validity of orbs as paranormal evidence. For the uninitiated, "spirit orbs" are anomalous spots that sometimes show up in photographs that can be white or multicolored; some may look solid while others appear textured and can show up in all sizes. They are composed of sphere shaped electromagnetic energy-these are ghosts.

While many ghost hunters believe they are evidence of ghosts a growing number of researchers, are concluding that orbs are nothing more than dust particles illuminated by the camera flash.

The term orb describes unexpected, typically circular artifacts that occur in flash photography-sometimes with trails indicating motion-especially common with modern compact and ultra-compact digital cameras. Orbs are also sometimes called backscatter, orb backscatter, or near-camera reflection.

The experiments they've conducted do show that dusty areas do produce orbs in flash photographs. Small insects, rain, snow, pollen and other airborne particulates can also produce them. These experiments were designed to show that these airborne elements can be the cause of orbs and may not necessarily be ghost phenomena.

Actually, these same researchers will usually say that "most" such orbs are the result of dust, being reluctant to say that "all" are dust, leaving room for the possibility of a paranormal explanation.

I am convinced that orbs are real and are the manifestations of ghosts, spirits, whatever you want to call them, because I have experienced them.
While researchers say that the majority of the evidence of orbs are caught on camera and with a flash, and thus there's a scientific rational explanation of them, what about seeing them with the naked eye and using a camera with no flash? I've witnessed them illuminated in a dark room and outdoors against dark bushes and trees, almost undetectable until viewed later in the photos.

I have personally seen them with my own eyes and so have my son and several other friends when we were at my deceased friend's house, the true Estate of Horror, clearing it out for sale. During poltergeist activity we saw white and black orbs dart into a wall, with us left standing still with our jaws dropping, rendered speechless. On several other occasions we saw gold orbs shimmering on a wall in a dark hallway and also on a kitchen table top. We have this on video tape!

On July 6, 2012, We caught on still photos orbs that displayed curiosity by checking out our video and camera equipment while shooting the video trailer to my book, Estate of Horror which has been published and now is up on Amazon and Kindle and has gotten 5 star reviews and selling extremely well! 

Over 100 still photos were taken by our associate producer both inside and outside my house; he later showed me at least 8 pictures with anomalies on them. Where there are orbs there will be ghosts and other energy anomalies as well and indeed some of our crew experienced direct contact with some "spirited" ghosts that fooled around with the Velcro on the camera bags. 

Joe Lavin was looking at Bill and Jack of JBT Productions ready to film and as you can see in the before and after, he had no idea what was hovering above him. July 6, 2012.

Light set up attracted something and it didn't come alone. Later using Photoshop I was able to enhance the areas and identify other orbs in the background.
 Blue type orb in our door way between living room and dining room. Notice that the orb is casting a bluish reflection on the wood frame opposite it. Bill Hiferty, our director did not see anything.

How about orbs surrounding a certain person in a group photo? Orbs seem to have the ability to show up when and where they choose. Here are two photos of my son and I that were taken at different times, locations and months apart. (My daughter-in-law also is singled out in group photos and has orbs attached to her only). My son explained to her when they started dating some of the unusual things that had happened to him in the past and our house was a portal for spirits. She was unfazed as she said she also had experienced a haunting where she had lived. They still got married. I guess the family that's haunted together stays together?

Orb on me and orbs on my son Chris

Saturday Night Orbs
On the evening of Saturday, this August 3rd, my son was sitting in our lounge chair watching TV and noticed a strong smell of decay and called out for me to come downstairs and see what it was. I didn't smell anything in the living room and I only caught a brief tail end of the smell in the dining room but it was awful. We decided to put on our digital recorder and asked some questions. We were rewarded with some immediate answers to a few simple questions and felt the rush of cold air near our elbows and legs. Something was stirring and it wasn't dust! My son took out his camera phone and saw through the large viewing screen a display of fast moving spirit orbs. He hardly had time to snap the photo and capture them they were like lightening in speed. The activity was centered on our fireplace and mantel and surrounding area.  This fireplace is above another older fireplace in the basement that is all that is left of the original structure of the 1800's farm house which our 1947 Cape Cod is built over. My son asked me to draw the spirits by saying "let's play and have fun" and I started to hum the tune "Turkey in the Straw" and sang several songs that were familiar during the Civil War. If the ghosts around us were from this time period perhaps they would respond to the music?  We were astounded by what happened next. The place lit up with flashing orbs like comets and zipped by us. If some of these were children ghosts perhaps they were attracted to me as a mother figure or maybe they are just lonely and seeking recognition.

We would have never started any of this that night without first the horrible smell that caught our attention.  My son captured over 20 photos of the spirit orbs out of almost 100 pictures taken and here are a few of the most amazing ones. His wife was working that night and was glad she wasn't present for the "orb smorgasbord".

Orb on the chair in the next shots it wasn't there and then another appeared near the TV. I guess they like watching "American's Got Talent!"

 This was the most incredible shot with 5 orbs in different shapes and sizes. Coming out of the dining room above my oil painting over the fireplace and over the chair.I guess they liked my singing!

                      This is like a comet through the living room!
So are orbs ghosts, spirits of lost souls, dust, light reflections or bugs on a lens?
Decide for yourself. Remember we all are created out of star dust and return to dust when we die. Perhaps ghosts attract dust through their electromagnetic energy to manifest form to communicate with us. If you see explainable things as an orb don't dismiss it as a dust bunny. It could be your deceased Aunt Bunny!