Thursday, May 17, 2018


This is an interesting entry I have been meaning to post for the last few months. As my intriguing title suggests there was an highly unusual incident that occurred in December of last year.
As many faithful readers of my blogs you know of the many crazy incidents involving the paranormal that has affected my life and that of my family for the past 9 years. In fact I wrote two books documenting our paranormal journey when my friend of 30 years, Paul Jaeger, an anthropologist, passed away suddenly in 2009. As Executor of his estate I and my son experienced horrific poltergeist activity as we spent 10 months cleaning out his hoarder's house. We've been "haunted" ever since.

Well, I wrote a blog several years ago concerning people receiving telephone calls presumably from deceased relatives; and there is documented evidence by the paranormal community that spirit or ghostly activity can  cause electrical anomalies and manipulate electronics we use every day. But I have a story that is one for the books!

My son Chris and I have a hobby store in a neighboring township. We have bundled package with Comcast for our business needs and have been with this company for 4 years. I noticed in December 2017, I hadn't received our monthly bill and when I checked our files I realized we never received our November bill either. I asked my son if he saw the bills and he realized he hadn't seen any for the last month. So I called Comcast thinking that somehow they were lost in the mail. This is where the story gets bizarre.

Upon checking our account the Customer Service Rep stated that there had been a call into their office asking to change our business address.
"What?" I exclaimed, surprised. "We never called you from here to do that. What is the new address?"
The Rep paused on the phone a few moments and looked up the new address. She came back on the line.
"The address I have on record since October 13th is *360
Havencrest Road," she said.

At first I thought I hadn't heard right and I asked her to repeat it. A chill ran down my spine and I turned to my son and asked him, "Why does that address sound familiar?"
Chris thought for a moment. Wasn't that Paul's address?" he asked.
OMG! He was right! 
Chris looked up the address and information on the house with his cell phone. The house was on the market for sale. Again.
I then asked the Rep how someone was able to change our address over the phone? 
"They had to have your account number to verify,"  she replied. 
"But it wasn't us!" I said with agitation. "You don't understand. That address belonged to my deceased friend. I haven't been to his house since selling it October 2009. And the house is vacant at this time."

Spooky door knob

To say the Rep was a bit confused and slightly creeped out was an understatement. She was absolutely flabbergasted and had no satisfying answer other than our bills had been going to Paul's address for the last two months. She emailed us the bills for November and December 2017 and they clearly showed Paul's address as the new forwarding address. 

Why had someone given Paul's address to Comcast to redirect our Comcast bills? But hey, if someone else wanted to pay our bills, I was all for it. Even if it was a "ghostwriter" on the checks. But no such luck. No one had paid them and we had a finance charge of a late fee on top of that! 

I am at a loss for why this happened. Of all addresses in the world or even just in the county, why Paul's address?  How did someone have our account number? Was this some type of signal from my deceased friend to remind me not to forget him? A ghost high jacking my bill to get my attention? I don't know. This is so strange and wasn't normal, it was paranormal.

Luckily,Comcast took off the finance charge and changed back our original business address. We put a safeguard password on the account so this would never happen again. The Rep then made out a report of a fraudulent compromise/alert on our account. I'd love to see how she was wording this for her supervisor to read.

My Sample

Comcast Customer Complaint Report 666: Fraudulent use of business account: Unauthorized change of business address. 
According to records Customer complained that Comcast sent bills to the wrong address for the months of November and December 2017. Comcast acknowledges that the correct account number for business Enter The Realm was given over the phone for address change on October 13th, 2017.

Authorized person that called in: Deceased aka GHOST?

Conclusion: Comcast changed back customer's business address and apologized for any inconvenience. In all fairness Comcast has never had something like this ever happen before and is going on record that this case was WEIRD!!!

Just a note: After looking back in my files as Executor for Paul's house I found this. We had signed papers selling Paul's house to contractors on October 13th 2009!!!!!

Front of Paul's house

* Not real address