Friday, May 9, 2014


Is there such a thing as a sixth sense?
Is it possible to communicate with the spirit world? Previous popular TV shows like Medium and Ghost Whisperer and psychic mediums like John Edwards and Theresa Caputo (Long Island Medium) all seem to suggest that talking to the dead and communication with spirits is quite possible.

Communicating with the dead is not new. In all cultures from Ancient Egypt, Greece, and Rome to the Victorian Era and to modern times its been a practice to use different means to contact the "other world". The intense desire to communicate and connect with spirits is taught in the Egyptian "Book of the Dead". "Seers" like the Greek Oracle of Delphi were people who possessed the gift of "communicating with the other side" and were sought out for their guidance, prophetic warnings and to give validation to important decisions made that could have life and death consequences to the community.

                    Egyptian Book of the Dead
                           Oracle of Delphi

In the Victorian era the "Spiritualist" movement was started in 1848 by the Fox sisters (they lived in New York) who claimed they were visited by an intelligent entity that gave them messages of things they could not known on their own. They were a sensation throughout the Eastern U.S. and the movement to contact the dead became very fashionable and popular. Many educated people of middle class and wealthy means held seances in the evening in the quest of serious scientific research but also in an era without radio, movies or TV it was also a form of entertainment and thrills. There were cases of fraud, as you can well imagine, as gullible people so anxious to contact to a loved one were taken over for large sums of money by charlatans, and the same holds true today.
There has been much controversy recently that the claims made by John Edwards and Theresa Caputo of their psychic abilities are not valid but fraudulent. Indeed, many of their "readings" are done on Television with emphasis on its entertainment value. I am not taking a stand on this one way or the other. Truth is in the substance of what they are really revealing with some results that seem quite astonishing. Its up to you what you believe about them.

I want to write about what I know to be a truth in this whole subject of communication with spirits. You see I have a psychic son, who is a Medium for the dead who talk to him, even when they are speaking a foreign language! Christopher is a unique person, and not because he is my son. He is a very talented Warhammer model maker: painter and builder, and graphic artist.

Chris with his created and designed Ghostbusters Army which won best in show at a recent gaming tournament.

He is funny- children adore him- honest and a loving husband with many friends.
He is also a very reluctant psychic. He wishes he didn't have dead people coming to him in the middle of the night giving him messages for hours that leave him tired and drained of energy in the morning. But its been happening since 2009 when we first started working on cleaning out my deceased friend's estate. 

It started out with a dream my son Chris had of my deceased friend only a few weeks after his sudden death. 

From sources on reading ways people communicate with the dead,it seems when we are dreaming we are very open to communication from deceased loved ones and from the other side in general. This is because we're already in the astral plane, which is a non-physical place that we visit when we're asleep. It easier for the deceased "to meet us half-way energetically speaking, by visiting us there. This is what seems to have happened with my son.

         Excerpt from Estate of Horror: Chapter 5

That same Sunday night Chris had a chilling dream. He came downstairs the next morning, said he wasn’t hungry, went directly to his worktable in the living room, and stood over a model miniature he’d been painting and began to work on it again. He had been painting Warhammer models for over twelve years and was an excellent model builder and painter.
I was at the dining room table paying some bills.
“It’s not a good idea to skip breakfast,” I said.
Chris looked at me. “I’ll have an early lunch.”
“I have to look through all of Paul’s bills that are being forwarded to me and I don’t know where to start." I became lost in concentration but glanced over to my son once or twice.  I knew my son too well; he was being unusually quiet.  Something was bothering him.
“Is something wrong, Chris?”
Chris didn’t look up. He was silent for a moment and then, as if trying to find the right phrasing he said, “By the way, Paul* says ‘Hi.’”
Surprised, I stopped what I was doing and looked up at him. “What are you talking about?”
My son still had his head bent over the model and was deep in concentration. “I saw Paul last night in a dream that really didn’t feel like a dream. It was very vivid. He was sitting on the recliner in our living room across from me dressed in a red hoodie and dark brown pants. He told me he was at the memorial service and that you’d done a great job. He really liked it.”
I just stared at Chris. I was stunned. “Are you kidding me?”
“No, I’m not kidding, Mom. Paul’s face looked gray and he told me that he’d been a bit scattered lately and it had taken a while for him to get his energy back.”
       I couldn’t believe what I was hearing because it sounded just like Paul to use a pun like ‘being scattered’ when he knew full well that his last wishes were to have his ashes scattered on a mountain top,as they had been only days earlier. 
I guess I was feeling a little hurt that my friend hadn’t come to me.  “I wonder why he came to you and not me,” I said.
“He came to me because he knows how mad you are at him. He figured you didn’t want to see him.”
I put my hand to my mouth.  “Oh my God!” 
Chris continued, “He seemed to think like there was nothing wrong in his mind, and that it was business as usual and that he was going home after our visit. Then, he said, ‘I’ll see you again,’ and I told him, ‘Dude, you’re dead.’ He didn’t say anything; he just got up from the chair and walked right through the wall.”
My jaw dropped.
“Mom, I feel so drained this morning, like I didn’t get any sleep at all last night.” 
“I don’t know what to say, Chris,” I said, as chills ran up my spine. Then I had a creepy thought. Of course, Paul’s complexion looked gray; he had been cremated, hadn’t he?

  End of Excerpt from Chapter 5: Estate of Horror

There is no doubt in my mind that my son's long time connection to my friend Paul* and him helping me clean out Paul's house somehow triggered and brought a dormant psychic ability that was always present in my son to the surface. Looking back I remember Chris telling me of an "imaginary friend" that played with him in his bedroom. He never told me of any unusual dreams but he went though a period of time when he was about 6 and would awake in the middle of the night, come into my bedroom frightened and tell me, "the lady was looking at me". I thought at the time it was an Renaissance woman's portrait I had painted in art school hanging near his bedroom, so I removed it thinking that was the cause of his terror. I know now it was something else. Perhaps what they say in the old song,"I'll see you in my dreams" is really true.
* name has been changed

Please read Part 2 of this blog: My Son, The Reluctant Psychic, about some of my son's unusual and astonishing dreams. I can only relate a few as I am writing a sequel to my first book and his remarkable communications with deceased people and the astonishing accuracy of the information they have related to him will be fascinating reading.