Wednesday, July 13, 2016


How many readers have had the experience of objects mysteriously gone missing only later to find them in the oddest places?
Well I have!
Is it a case of just being forgetful? Or is it something more in the paranormal realm?
Here is my story. You be the judge.

I call it the "Case of the Missing Earrings."
Last month I had one of the strangest things happen to me. Now strange things happen to me all the time and is not that all unusual for me to have encounters with ghosts. Especially those of you who have read my book, Estate of Horror, know what I am talking about. 
You read of my ghostly encounters that started 7 years that have been incredible and diverse and to the present. But this was different. I never had jewelry gone missing. Taken right off my ear but never felt a thing!
Last month I had on a pair of pierced gold and silver hoop earrings with a heart design and wore them during the day. I went shopping, stopped at the bank and then went to our hobby store, Enter The Realm, for the evening to help out my son Chris.
Chris with his designed, built and painted miniature models,  a Ghost Busters army.

After coming home that night I was getting changed and went to take off my jewelry and found my right earring was missing!  I was frantic and started looking around the bedroom carpet, checked my clothing and looked in my car. No earring.
I called Chris still at the store and asked him if he found an earring on the floor. He called me back after 10 minutes with the report of no earring there. I was sad as I loved these earrings as they were a birthday gift from a friend. I gave up the search realizing I had been in and out of too many places that day to even begin a search to retrace my steps. It was gone for good.
Or was it?
A week or two later I was putting on another pair of earrings and came across the single hoop earring, now missing its mate. I knew that these earring had a sturdy snap back clasp and couldn't figure out how it could have come off my ear so easily. I then looked at a picture of my deceased mother that was on my bureau. 
Her beautiful face smiled back at me and I wistfully sighed and said to her out loud, "Mom if a ghost took my earring, could you please get it back for me?" I then wiped a tear from my eye and went about my business. I miss my mom so much.

A few days later, as I went into my summer, off-white handbag that ironically had belong to my mom, to retrieve my car keys, there in the middle zippered section of the bag at the bottom was my missing earring! And it's clasp was shut! If it had fallen off my ear by chance into the bag wouldn't the clasp have been open I thought.
I was speechless. How in the world did it get there? All I could do was say, "Thanks mom!"

Now notice my title says, The Case of the Missing Earrings. 
That's right it happened again last week. 

I went to take off a different pair of pierced gold earrings and once again my right earring was missing. Are you kidding me?
This time I didn't even bother to look around as I knew this was another case of an earring gone missing by supernatural means. I was now convinced that some mischievous ghost was having a grand time playing hide and seek with me with my jewelry. I thought to be patient and perhaps the earring would turn up soon, but I was annoyed.
Do you have a ghost who likes to hide your personal things?

This morning I once again looked at my mom's picture and said to her, "Mom, another earring is missing, can you see about getting it back to me." 
Then I said to the air, "Hey whoever took my earring can I have it back, please?"
Well, my son called me a few hours later from the store and I could tell by the tone of his voice there was some good news to share with me. 
"Hey mom, I was going into my pants pocket for a tissue and something pricked my finger. It went right under my finger nail. When I pulled it out of my pocket it looks like it's your missing gold earring!"
"You have got to be kidding!" I said.
He then described it to me and yes, and it was my lost earring. How it got there I can't explain. 
All I can say is,"Thanks mom. And tell that trickster ghost to stop taking my jewelry!"


  1. I've never thought of it as a ghost, but this happens to me all the time. For years now I would lose a pair of earrings, or just one earring, a dress one time, other things. I'd always say, "Okay, it's gone to my other self in another life somewhere. It will be back eventually." From the theory of alternate universes. They always do come back. Never in the place where I lost them though. I found a much loved earring just recently as I looked down at my feet sitting in my bedroom. I had "lost" it years before. I don't clean a lot, but I have vacuumed my room several times since I lost that earring. But there it was, just sitting there. I picked it up, said "Thank you!" and then looked to make sure I still had the mate. Thankfully I did. :)

  2. Thank you for sharing your story. It is indeed an incredible experience to be part of this "special attention" from the other side. I am glad your lost objects returned to you and I do think we can call on our angel guides or loved ones to intervene for us to help us get back our lost items. I too have said my Thank You! and know it was heard! God Bless always!

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