Thursday, May 25, 2017


Most of you that follow my blogs know by now my story of a extraordinary true haunting that started in 2009 and continues to this day.
My experiences have been documented in my 2 books: Estate of Horror and my newest Dark Transference: The Sequel to Estate of Horror. 
My last blog dealt with my agent being told of attacks my son and I have endured before my last book was published in October 2016, and after.
The latest that occurred end of December 2016 and into January 2017. The attacks were so bad that we had to once again enlist the help of our dear friend, spirital warrior and world renown Deliverance Minister Bill Bean.
Here is what transpired between us and Bill and how things were resolved for the time being.

Message to Bill Bean-JAN 4TH, 4:50PM

Dearest Bill,
     I wish I can bring you good news that the New Year is looking up for us but it seems the start of 2017 has ominous overtones for both Chris and me.  On New Year’s Eve Chris was attacked in our store basement by some dark force. He and his friend had been in the basement to retrieve some inventory. When they were headed for the stairs a wooden folding chair levitated off the ground and smashed into Chris at the knees catching him off balance and he fell.  His friend saw it happen in front of him so fast he couldn't grab Chris. He called me from the store frantic. They locked the basement and headed home early. He spent New Year's Eve with an ice pack on his knee and bruises on his arm.

Yesterday morning, January 3rd, I was attacked. I went to get dressed and found 2 large scratches on my stomach. I didn't feel anything but these were fresh and bleeding so they recently happened.  Here is a photo. The biggest scratch is 3" long. My friend was over last night and was shocked to see this. She said it look like someone with very sharp fingernails dug into my skin as the scratches are deep. Chris said yesterday at the store he went down to the basement and heard a horrible growl and he came right upstairs again. We had some other poltergeist activity days leading up to Christmas. I spoke to my agent Laurie and she is very concerned and said,"Did you get in touch with Bill?"                                                            
I am going over the store this afternoon with the holy water and prayers you gave us, but we are not having anyone go down the basement alone. I know you would want to know what was going on.  We have been making plans and moving items out of the store and our basement and that is when this started up again. Chris believes we brought something over from my parent’s basement. I have a video from that time when you were in my parent’s house  Aug 2015, and we caught anomalies and a growling voice on the video. I must send that to you. Hope to hear from you soon dear friend and please keep us in your prayers. 
Much love, Anita
This is what the scratches look like today

JAN 4TH, 6:48PM

Bill: Hi sweetie, I'm coming to help you ASAP!
I'm looking over my schedule right now Anita.  
I'm jammed packed but I'm going to make time for you.
How about January 18th?

Me: Whatever time is good for you Bill. We will work with your schedule. We know how busy you are.

Bill:OK. I will come to the store first and then your house. I'm going to have my secretary call you to finalize everything because she's in charge of my schedule.

Bill:Love you all dearly and can't wait to get there on the 18th.

Me: Thank you Bill. We are so grateful to you.

Bill:You are family and I feel the urgency. 

Me: These newest attacks have really thrown us. We believe the plans we are making to get rid of things in our basement and store basement have stirred up some very negative energy. We want to be able to clear out so much stuff that's been a burden and it's if something wants to prevent us from doing that by threatening us with bodily harm.

Bill: We are not having that for you guys! No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: You are so right Bill. We are not backing down. We want to move on with our lives and the past has no place in our future!

Bill: I need your phone numbers again, Anita. I had both your numbers in my phone but now they are gone. That's bizarre. LOL

Me: I am not surprised. Laurie, my agent, has had my files disappear from her computer

Bill: Adding them all in right now, sweetie.
We bind and rebuke all of this garbage by the mighty power of YAHWEH in Jesus name! God Bless you till I see you Wednesday.

End of Messages 

Bill Bean drove up to Pennsylvania and to our store from Maryland on that day, Wednesday, January 18th.
We were so glad to see him and felt immediate relief with his presence. Bill enters a room and the calm comes with him. All fears and anxiety melt away and you feel protected instantly. That is what a man of God, a Warrior of Christ is like when in a you are in a situation of extraordinary paranormal circumstances. 

Bill went to the front of the store and took out his bottle of holy water with black salt and his Bible to the front of the store and started his prayers.

He then proceeded down our store basement and said he could feel something wasn't right. There was a heaviness to the atmosphere. He walked to the back of the basement and said he felt that area was the worst as if a negative presence was there. We confirmed that was the same area Chris' friend Danny had seen a dark figure in the corner and scared the living daylights out of him.

Bill concentrated all his efforts in that corner and then walked around the room with his Bible in hand, holy water and continued his prayers for deliverance and blessings throughout the area.
The air was still and very silent. Bill made the sign of the cross and we heard a loud BANG! the same time.

Note: These are the stacked wooden chairs and the one in the front is what levitated off the ground and hit into Chris on New Year's Eve.

"They don't like that I'm here Anita," Bill said.
After an hour, Bill finished his blessings and cleansing. We heard several POPS upstairs and Bill said it was the portal closing in the store. I guess when the dark meets the light there is no contest.

It has been several months since Bill Bean was at our store. All has been fairly quiet. There has been a few incidents like last Saturday, a long, shiny brass screw was suddenly thrown across the room and hit a table. Chris' friend Danny saw it happen and picked up the object. They looked around the furniture and could not figure out where it came from.

"WOW! Is it starting up again?" asked Danny.
"Who knows?" answered Chris. "Nothing is certain with the paranormal!"

Indeed. Stay tuned!