Friday, January 31, 2014


When I first entertained the idea of writing a book, urged by my friends and family members after hearing of the unusual events and happenings at the estate of my deceased friend , I had no intention of writing it myself. I felt if I provided the story and the materials, even possibly be interviewed, then someone else could do a better job. Having no formal experience other than a creative writing classes in high school and a one-act play I wrote for a college assignment, ironically about a revengeful ghost, I was on the learning curve. 

But, after experiencing the horrific ordeal with the paranormal at my friend’s home, I knew I had to record these extraordinary haunted experiences other than a daily diary.  My son, and I along with other witnesses saw and heard (on our captured audio and visual equipment), extreme poltergeist activity, cold spots, black and gold orbs, an apparition, objects appearing and disappearing, non-human voices and endured physical attacks. I knew if I didn't write my book I'd regret it for the rest of my life. Even now, with the publishing of my debut book, Estate of Horror, (the terrifying telling of my real-life encounters with ghosts after becoming the Executrix of a dear deceased friend’s estate in 2009), I don’t regularly think of myself as an author. As my background is of a professional artist for the last 47 years, my art work has always been my visual method of telling a story.

My original pastel on paper  "Spirit Warrior"

Not thinking myself as an author? This may seem strange coming from someone who is has scored a literary agent, Laurie Hawkins of Collage Literary, who has been a real rock of support and always held an unwavering belief in me. Laurie signed me to a contract in summer of 2011. This was a brave act for her as she has since been the recipient of some very strange paranormal activity since taking on my project. (nothing like having your client's manuscript being printed out and the machine spits out a metal clamp over your head and across the room!)
Even with the crazy background of the recent haunting I had just experienced, I never expected to be haunted the whole time writing my manuscript.  My anthropologist friend left me many items in his will, which I  stored in my basement. This turned out to be a very bad decision. Someone or something transferred to my house and was now acting up with major poltergeist activity. My once safe haven, where I spent years as a single parent raising my son, where I worked in my home art studio, enduring economic and personal hardship, caring for 2 critically ill parents, and proudly handling  it all, was now a battle ground for spirits. 

Actual images of a Shadow Man on our front door taken July 6, 2012 while filming our book trailer.

The psychological and physical toll on me and my family have been enormous. We have gotten used to living a paranormal life everyday but it's not easy. You never get used to looking over your shoulder or being scratched while taking a bath or think you've seen a shadow floating on the ceiling or wall while watching TV or hearing a horrible growl or the door rattle to your basement. Even the sudden bouts of nausea and stabbing pains (psychic) in the stomach while moving boxes in the basement did not deter me. I felt that the best defensive was an offense!  I decided that others needed to know what happened to me, and the ghosts needed to be put in their place. This was MY home and they were not going to frighten me away!

So specters beware. My story will be told!  It's published. It's up for sale! Readers-leave your lights on!

UPDATE! 5 STAR REVIEWS! Read this book and find out why people can't put it down or won't read it before going to bed!


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My agent told me before we started that today authors have to very pro-active in marketing themselves and her advice and my efforts have paid off. I have met such wonderful and supportive people on Facebook, Twitter, Linked in, thoughtful responses to my 47 blogs (with over 11,300 page views) and made some great and lasting connections to thousands of paranormal communities.

I have been interviewed on many paranormal radio shows including: 
PZTV’s Do You Believe with Norene Balovich (Aug 2012), 
PSI FI Radio with S.J. Wells (Oct 2012),  
Joint interview renown author, lecturer and minister Bill Bean (and now a dear friend) on KGRA/Project White Paper with Chase Kloetzke (April 2013), 
Just Say’in with Mary Gasparo of PEN network (June 2013).

Previously in March 10th, I was on Jim Harold's Paranormal Podcast

I did 3 radio shows in a row!
March 27 Did a joint radio interview with renown paranormal author, minister and international media personality, Bill Bean on "Looking into the Unknown" for

March 28th-Interview with David Allen Kirch for his premiere "Night Terrors" radio show.

March 29th-Interview with Carol and Pat hosts of The Fringe Radio Show on KTKK AM630 out of Salt Lake City.

April 30th- I was on  Darkness Radio NEWS TALK RADIO AM1130 with internationally known radio host David Schrader.

May 5th-Interview on  Beyond the Edge of Reality with Radio Host Evans Jensen. 8 PM EDT/ 5 PM  PDT  
Beyond The Edge Of Reality

I interviewed  May 16th -10 PM EST Friday with Brett Watson for his Beyond Paranormal radio show in Australia! They go by PST so it's 7 PM for them.Great show and he was a delightful host!

Interview with Norene Balovitch for May 18th @9 PM Sunday night via SKYPE on her show "Do You Believe."
This video from that Sunday night's show "Do You Believe" has gone viral!

Shortly after the show aired, Norene contacted me and told me listeners of the show were hearing many EVPS- talking over me when I was being interviewed . The chat room was filled with posts written in the German language! She sent a draft of some of the EVPs and what they said and we were horrified! There was direct spectral interaction with our whole conversation during the show.
My son Chris spent 2 hours yesterday listening and transcribing the show. He put his cell phone up to his ear and listened to the show that way to make out the words. He wrote down 70 EVP's!!! He was physically and mentally drained after doing this!

He did not know what the other person had copied down. His EVPs match some of hers!  Norene sent me this morning some of the translations of the German chat room feed and it relates to what listeners heard. There was a man and woman with German accents  who were talking over me. They were saying horrific things about the Holocaust and so much of the  foul language was threats directed at me. I was warned not to publish this book! Guess what ghosts? Heads up!  I'm writing the sequel!
Now you know why I'm called the haunted author!

June 12  Interview with The Farside Podcast with Bob Bain for his show to be prerecorded between 9 AM - 3 PM CST

July 24 with Royce Holleman radio show interview for 2 hours  at 2pm - 4 pm EDT

July 28th -Monday  at 9 PM with Sherri Emily for her radio show WLOR Life Omni Radio that is broadcast world wide!

My story isn't over as my haunted journey continues and I am now writing a terrifying sequel. Please stay a fan and join me on my unique ride of living a spirited life. You won't be disappointed!