Monday, May 25, 2015


            The more I research my subject for answers the more questions arise. For every person, every organization, and every paranormal investigative team that I’ve contact with the questions and evidence for the cause of my haunting situation that started six years ago there is a different answer.  Here are some of the variety of opinions/answers I have received over the last few years of what I am dealing with in my home and basement.  “They” are former resident spirits stuck here on the Earthly plane, “they” are deceased people in the form of shadow people, “they” are inter-dimensional beings coming out of a portal, “they” are non- humans-never were, “they” are aliens, “they” are demons, “they” are demons disguised as children, and “they” are shape-shifting creatures left here by a curse from Native Americans! WOW! 
       Here’s my favorite.  Did I mention the Djinn? (also known as Jinn or Genie)  There’s a theory that there is no such thing as (aliens, extraterrestrials as in occupants UFOs, etc.) and that these don’t really exist because as the Christian Bible says "they" are fallen angels (aka the Nephilim, who are also Demons).  Here is where the the Djinn fit in.  In accordance with the Koran and Islamic tradition Djinn fall somewhere in between humans and angels as they can choose to be either good, bad or be neutral-take your pick. Whew! 

     I have come to the consensus that does anyone really know what the hell is in my basement! It’s enough to make my head explode! That could actually be a plus for the Zombie element (which didn't make the list) as they can eat my splattered brains from the floor. Tasty...but needs garlic.
So what does one do? Do I pick one from column A and one from Column B from the paranormal menu?I'm trying to live a life interrupted frequently by mischievous and sometimes nasty ghosts but it's an all out spectral buffet! The answer for me so far is that I've decided to soldier on and leave no stone unturned to find answers. Please don't tell me there's an elemental under the stones!
     I have contacted members in the scientific community about some photos of my most compelling evidence and ask for help: a spirit pixel photo, weird anomalies on walls, shadow people, poltergeist activity caught on tape, and EVPS but have yet to hear back. I have tried to explain the full circumstances of how we obtained the evidence and hopefully there will be some thoughtful recommendations but it could be that they simply don’t know. It’s not their fault really. We are in unknown territory and it can be scary. In a sense we are paranormal pioneers.  My hope is that whoever would like to do scientific research on this phenomenon has an open mind to the fact that there can be actual supernatural entities and things beyond our 3 dimensional world.                                     
     Places can be haunted. People can be haunted. Objects can be haunted. My manuscript could be haunted! You'll have to wait to read my sequel to see how that turned out. All I know is I’m not giving up and leaving my home as some have suggested. Let “them” leave! OK, now where’s that drink?!

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