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As with many of my blogs I write each week inspiration comes to me in many forms. I may be an article I have read about a recent particular event that has paranormal implications, something I have experienced concerning an supernatural episode that I have documented in the past 5 years or something that has recently occurred in my everyday paranormal life.

Such is the case with this blog on colored orbs. As recently as of 2 days ago (this post originally posted on December 27, 2013) I had an unusual thing happen to me at my brother's house on Christmas day. I'll get to that in a minute.

One of my most popular blogs with readers has been the one I wrote about ORBS.  Now as I continue this post I want to make this clear to everyone. This is a very sore and cantankerous point for some people in the paranormal community. (Indeed when posting anything related to orbs I have personally found it can bring out the most nasty, visceral comments, and name calling from otherwise nice people). There is no scientific proof to validate the theories that orbs exist or are ghosts, spirits or spiritual in nature. Bur, many of you my dear readers were kind and shared your stories about them and how they came into your lives.

With the invention of digital equipment, especially the digital camera, the proliferation of photos capturing the evidence of this phenomena is staggering. There is no doubt that this is not a new thing-there has probably always been the presence of orbs seen on older styles of photography but people didn't know what they were looking at. If you did see white circles on black and white photography you'd thought it was a error with the camera: glare, flare, dust on lens or water spotting when the negative and photos were being developed. And that's a possibility too.  One thing is evident to me now as a photo-restoration artist (for over 35 years) who has literary retouched and restored thousands of photos from the 1850's to present, I saw orbs on the photographs and did not know what they were until I started watching shows on the paranormal. I plea guilty (as I now realize) I retouched OUT orbs in old photos-thinking them defects. There is a big difference from what is a dust spot, a chemical stain from processing and an orb.  I know different now.
Old sepia photo of girl with doll and orb?

What I am constantly learning about the paranormal is- what I don't know-so I am always fascinated by the turn of events of new evidence of just how varied and unique the paranormal is. 

Colored Orbs? They have meaning?!

I learned of these while at my deceased friend's house back in 2009 and the subject of my now published book, Estate of Horror.  For more information on my book and where to buy it check out my website While at my friend's house we saw white, gold and black orbs. I wasn't even sure what I was seeing but research now verifies that these can exist. Also that the color of the orb means certain things.

Then in 2012 when we were filming our book trailer at my house, we unexpectedly captured Transparent, White, Medium Blue and Red Orbs outside my house on camera.
Notice that there is a large almost Clear Orb over the dormer window.

Bill, our director, did not see the Light Blue Orb while filming the inside shots for the trailer. It showed up later on our still photos.

Getting back to what happened on Christmas day 2013, my nephew snapped some photos with his cell phone of the family gathering and one caught our eye when he posted it up on Facebook. There we are at my brother's house and in the kitchen getting dessert ready. My back is to the camera as is my daughter-in-law's and son is in profile. Another nephew's face is obscured by one of the low hanging lamps over the kitchen island and they are both giving off glare. But something else is there. On my black sweater is a Greenish Orb. My nephew who took the photo was blown away!

So what do the colors mean? I did some research on Google and here is what I found.
The colors of orbs are assigned various meanings that have become the accepted norm within the paranormal community. These include almost every color of the rainbow. The orb colors have been assigned an emotional attribute instead of a stage of life or some other characteristic driving the determination of color designation.
These include, but aren't limited to:

*Black: Malevolent
Blue (dark): Shy spirit
*Blue (light): Tranquil, peace
*Blue (medium): Protection
Brown: Danger or earthbound
*Gold: Angelic, unconditional love
*Green: Healing orb or spirit
Lavender: Messenger from God
Orange: Protection, forgiveness
Peach: Spirit sent to comfort you
Pink: Accepting spirit
Purple: Orb of information
*Red: Anger or passion
Silver: Messenger
Violet: Guide for spiritual matters
*White: Protection of holy light and power

*Clear: sign that an entity is trying to communicate with you. The spirit may be trying to let the living know that some kind of significant event happened in that location, and that the spirit wants help to move on.
Yellow: Warning

FYI *orb descriptions with stars are the ones we have personally experienced.

Do Auras Influence Orb Color?
Some researchers theorize that if an orb is that of a deceased person then the color is dictated by the aura of the person's soul in its disembodied form. Other paranormal and supernatural investigators espouse the idea that angelic energy creates gold and purple orbs. (Think back, if you ever known someone who was truly mean, hateful with no sense of moral conscience I am sure their accompanying auras would not give off anything but a dark or negative energy that represent that person's black soul.)

There's no proof that the various definitions of what each color represents or signifies is true. BUT anyone who has seen orbs with their own eyes and experienced paranormal activity associated with it knows these are a real phenomenon and need to be researched not ignored or dismissed as invalid.

It is within us who have witnessed neutral or colored orbs to draw our own conclusions and meanings. For me, I would like to think that my recently deceased mother and father (who died 3 years ago) were the spirits, represented by the green orb on my sweater on Christmas day, joining in and celebrating the holiday with their family. 

UPDATE: For those loyal readers who have made this blog one of then most read with over  22,400 views please stay tuned for more on this phenomena and my continued haunted experiences in my sequel Dark Transference coming out in September 2016!  You can visit my Facebook page for more information.


  1. Back in 1996,97 My kids and I decided to move into a new place with my husband in the neighborhood where his family lived. We were cleaning the yard and cutting back bushes and picking up leaves all day. At the time I had 3 kids but my oldest was with my mom. The 1 year old and the 3 year old child was with me playing with the other kids until it started getting late in the evening so I told my husband that I was going to take them inside for a nap. So they went to sleep and I put them in the bedroom to keep them away from the noise outside and then closed the door. I went to lay on the sofa just to rest my body for a minute but I dozed off. About 45 minutes to an hour I woke up and looked out the window, It was dark around 7p.m.. Then I looked through the kitchen at the door where my kids were and I saw 8 vivid Blue balls of light! it kind of scared me but I was determined to get to my kids.. so I got up and told them to go away!!! I went in the room and found my 3 year old on a pallet on the floor cuddled up with the baby. They were still asleep . This was a new house. there was no electricity yet. only a bed in the room and a sofa in the living room. After I got them outside and gathered myself I was never scared in there again. I felt different about them after calmed down. WHAT DO YOU THINK THAT WAS ABOUT?

  2. Hi Katrina, Thanks for sharing this amazing incident. I do believe that the blue orbs were of a good nature and perhaps attracted to the young energy and innocence of your children. This is nothing to be afraid of and you did the right thing to show them you were taking charge and letting them know you are now the owner of that land. Although your house is new the land that it was built on is old of course and could have a past history of people living and dying on the property hundreds of years ago. Remember new homes are built on areas that are conducive to community living such as access to larger towns and schools via good highways and road systems,ample water supplies and healthy environment. These are often properties that earlier settlers found also the best area to survive. We can never be sure of the history but it would interesting for you to find out if the area was once a large farm, an orchard, or even Native American village habitation. The eight blue balls could mean 8 spirit energies that were curious about you and your family and checking you out! I have also encountered blue orbs in my home and never felt they would harm me but bring me peace and calmness. God bless you and all the best to you and your family. Anita

  3. I saw a white/ clear orb in my daughters room while tucking them into bed. I saw it move for a split second then it disappeared. What does this mean?

  4. Hi Lucy, White or clear orbs are usually signs of benign spirit energy. This could be a loved one that was close to your daughters and is watching over them. Young children have fresh, pure high energy levels and that could have attracted that spirit to be there. Nothing to worry about. You only have to be worried if you see red or black orbs as these are signs of negative energy. My son and I have seen black and red orbs and it was not a pleasant experience as these dark entities are something that was never human. Thanks so much for your question. Look for my next book Dark Transference that is the sequel to my Estate of Horror. Hope to have it out by end of the year.

  5. I witnessed a yellow orange colored orb at the Myrtles plantation that scared me to death. I was asleep and I felt a blanket or something hover over me and sat up to see what had happened. I noticed on the ceiling a yellowish orange tent like orb (I guess) above me and wondered what in the world it was. The place is know for its hauntings and the spirit seemed to want to get my attention??? What do you think this means since I have never had this happen to me before. I really didn't believe in all that ghost and spirit stuff, but now have really come to believe that it was not just a dream or in my head, it was a real encounter of some sort. Any ideas??

  6. We just moved into a new house and when we first moved in I felt alot of really dark energy and I had the house blessed and cleansed but today as I was taking pictures of the house for friends and family in one specific room only (my room) i would see something scat across the screen as the flash was going. But I would be gone bye the time the picture was actually taken. (I have a very slow camera) I decided to turn on the video with a flash. And in the video I see clear orbs flying all over the place . in every corner of the room it was very active i didn't see it through out the rest of this house. And I made sure by doing the same thing through out the rest of the house what could this mean and if spirits are trying to communicate with me to let me know what happened here. How can I know what that is with out releasing negative energy.?

    1. It is hard to know what the orbs are trying to tell you if only to say they are there. If you see white or pale orbs these are usually benign. If you see red or black then there is negative energy present. Here is what yo can do to relieve your fear.I have had our dear friend Bill Bean, a deliverance minister, who came to my home several times and bless the house of negative entities with holy water, sacred prayers and incense that he sanctions: Frankincense, myrrh, hisshop and black salt that can be bought on the internet and not expensive. We put them in a metal incense burner and the smoke was carried throughout the house. If you are under different severe stress that also trigger negative forces to be attach to you. Or an object that is in your home that should not be there. i.e. a mirror that may be a conductor of supernatural portals for poltergeist activity.Get rid of it! Do not provoke or feed into the fear. Find a minister or professional person if you are very uncomfortable in your home who can work with you in divine intervention. God bless you all as i understand what you all are going through. I live a paranormal life everyday but will never give in and cower to forces that do not belong in my home. Be a warrior of light and never let the darkness in.Take ownership of your home and be the boss and not let any supernatural forces rule you. Good Luck.

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  8. I was taking video of my daughter as to the past few days she has been talking to someone and arguing over toys.she is a 2 yr old who stays at home with mommy all day he has a very big vocabulary and is very I decided to record her she seemed to be getting out of hand yelling and playing .not her normal little it recorded 3 orbs flying around so fast they looked like Nats or Flys on the video they are white in color one large and 2 small .as I get near her they tend to fly away or off of I got near her in the video to determine if something else might be there a flash and a silver orb apears over my head for a second and disapers. Ive seen orbs around her as an infant and Just wanted some info on the who what why

    1. I think the light orbs colored are of a gentle nature. They show up on videos and photographs and sometimes you can see them with your naked eye. Since she is little, young children attract spirit energy because their life force is so strong. I am not an expert but only can relate what I have experienced and come to learn. No one can say for sure but they could possible be family members or loved ones who have passed that are guarding your daughter with love. All the best!

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  11. One afternoon, in my living room I saw a small yellow centered, orange outlined orb fly by my face and disappear into the bedroom. I saw it again the next day only it was baseball sized and my dog was chasing it. Again it flew into the bedroom. My dog stopped at the entrance to the bedroom and would not go in. What does this mean?

  12. I want to mention that although it took my breath away I was not terrified for some reason. My dog never barked or seemed agitated either.

  13. Please let me know your thoughts.

    1. Hello and thank you for the message. I do not think that the orb if thee was spirit energy attached meant you any harm. Its color is one of a positive nature and the reason you felt no fear is that it was not out to hurt you. It was of a benevolent nature. Your dog sensed something strange as animals do and did not enter your bedroom, but didn't seem afraid either. I think it may be a loved one trying to reach out to you. Keep good thoughts and a connection may be made.Take care.

  14. I was sitting in my living room one day and saw 2 multicoloured orbs slightly overlapping. I thought it must just be a reflection from something but they just floated in the air for a while then disappeared. I couldn't see anything that they could be reflected from and the patterns were quite intricate. I just thought how beautiful they were I can't even remember the colours now, I'm sure yellow and violet were two of them. I also see very bright white flashes in my peripheral vision but haven't done so for a while. This began when I was going through an extremely difficult time. Ant comments or insight very welcome. Love and Light, Pastille xx

  15. Hi and thanks for sharing your experience. Colored orbs you mention are ones of benevolent nature and coming in 2's could means a couple connection to you of lost loved ones. When we are going through extreme fatigue, illness or stressful situations our departed loved ones know of our difficulties, I truly beleive and want us to know they are near. I lost my dear mother 3 years ago and I was under tremendous stress and grief watching her die, but later a green orb was captured on my back that Christmas and I now she was attached to me and comforting me at that first holiday without her. Look for other signs that loved ones are near: You may find pennies, dimes, feathers, something has moved or their name in seen odd places. God bless you with much light and happiness.

  16. Hi and thanks for sharing your experience. Colored orbs you mention are ones of benevolent nature and coming in 2's could means a couple connection to you of lost loved ones. When we are going through extreme fatigue, illness or stressful situations our departed loved ones know of our difficulties, I truly beleive and want us to know they are near. I lost my dear mother 3 years ago and I was under tremendous stress and grief watching her die, but later a green orb was captured on my back that Christmas and I now she was attached to me and comforting me at that first holiday without her. Look for other signs that loved ones are near: You may find pennies, dimes, feathers, something has moved or their name in seen odd places. God bless you with much light and happiness.

  17. A day before halloween night, me and my parents were relaxing in our house. I went to my bedroom to see my cats as they were so noisy. Suddenly, i saw a yellow orb in the night sky. It was so close and i was so scared. I told my parents about it. Since then, it always show up near my house. It is safe or dangerous?

  18. Mary, thanks for your question. I believe the yellow orb is not dangerous but of a benevolent nature. Please check on my chart of the colors of the orbs for further details.