Thursday, May 27, 2021

Premonition: A Personal Story


What exactly is a promotion?

It’s a strong feeling that something is about to happen, especially something unpleasant like "he had a premonition of imminent disaster."

This unexplained phenomenon can be in the form of what science calls a premonitory dream. This happens when our brain works on an idea, and after a few days, it materializes in real life. People with this ability are more susceptible to unexplained events, more intuitive, and they are more open-minded.

That is what exactly happened to a friend of mine who I will call Mia.

Mia lives outside of Philadelphia in a first floor apartment that was converted from an old Victorian house. Many old Victorian homes have three stories and many rooms so to accommodate the large families of the past.

It is only natural outcome in today's society with many reduced family sizes and a struggling economic picture that many of these homes are very costly to upkeep; so many of them have been made into several apartments that still keep their great charm and style.

Mia moved into her quaint apartment two years ago and met her neighbors that were on the second and third floors. Her third floor apartment neighbor turned out to be a 30 something young woman who lived on her own, didn't seem to have a job, spent a great deal of her time in her apartment except for her mother picking her up for grocery shopping and taking long walks in the back of the property's large back yard that bordered a wooded pathway. She was a pleasant person who kept to herself but seemed to look for companionship when Mia was out in the back yard with her dog. In fact she would pull up a chair and encourage Mia's dog to come to her with a delicious treat. Mia thought she seemed lonely and was glad she felt comfortable with her dog. All seemed well for a time.

Then, one cold, Sunday morning Mia had a disturbing dream. She had a terrible feeling in the pit of her stomach. A thought came to her mind that said, “I am not going to be alive by this evening".

Mia was startled and concerned by the thought but nevertheless had to go to work. In her travels she remained super cautious driving and then when crossing the street to her place of work. The day proceeded without incident and she came home safely that night. She noticed a light on her neighbor’s third floor apartment as she approached her own door as heavy snow started to fall.

She awoke to a loud knock on her door the next morning and was surprised to see a police officer standing in the hallway. He asked if the shovel outside the house was hers and could he borrow it?

Mia looked out the window to see several police cars outside the house and a commotion in the back yard. Then she saw a coroner’s truck pull up. Frightened, Mia called the landlord and asked if she knew what was going on?

Apparently, Mia’s third floor neighbor did not answer her mother’s numerous phone calls Sunday and had left her apartment sometime in the middle of the night without a coat or shoes and wandered back to the wooded path in the snow. In fact, they were now digging her out of the snow covering. She was deceased.

The police were not sure if she had committed suicide or that after taking medication she became disoriented and was sleep walking outside.  

Mia was beside herself!  Had she somehow tapped into this poor young woman’s thoughts the morning before her death?  How else could she explain the thoughts that occurred to her that morning?

She now felt guilt that perhaps she had known more she could have maybe prevented her neighbor’s death. When she called me to tell me this sad story and her feelings of guilt I could only reassure her that she was not at fault. No one was responsible for the young woman’s untimely death but the young woman. We could only wish that now the woman was at peace.

Needless to say my friend is looking to move as she cannot bear to look at the top floor apartment without remembering the tragic incident. Also, she told the police to keep her shovel.



Wednesday, March 31, 2021



This was an incident that happened at the time I had to clear out my deceased friend Paul’s house for sale. Paul had died suddenly of a heart attack and I was named Executor in his will.  As Executor of his estate I was in charge of doing this task and it would take my son Chris and me 10 months to clean out his house.

As many of you have followed my blogs and paranormal story the experience so profoundly changed by life that I wrote a book about it called Estate of Horror that is up on Amazon and Kindle.

It was March 19, 2009.

We were in Paul’s bedroom and as he had been an anthologist he had collected dozens of Egyptian, Greek, Roman and Mayan statues. . Since they were all going to me, I labeled them and packed them for storage. For a couple of minutes Chris watched me as I did this.

“How do you feel about taking all his stuff?” he asked.

I looked at him. “I’m not sure. I didn’t realize I was inheriting a museum. It’s like each piece represents a small part of Paul.”

Paul’s bedroom furniture was going to his older brother so Chris was busy going through and emptying one of the dresser drawers when he came across a figurine wrapped in plastic.

“It looks like a doll, Mom,” he said.

I took it from him and looked at it through the plastic wrap.

“No,” I said. “It looks like a figurine of Scarlett O’Hara.”

“Here’s another part of it,” Chris said and handed me what looked like a staircase wrapped in plastic. I examined it closely.

“It’s a music box and I think the two pieces fit together with Scarlett descending the staircase. How pretty,” I said.

I put the two separately wrapped pieces on the dresser when suddenly the musical theme from Gone with the Wind began to play. My son and I were mystified and looked at each other as the music continued to play.

Then something that looked to be a gold flash of light appeared out of nowhere and flew between us and we heard a loud bang. We looked at each other in shock; we couldn’t see anything that had fallen.

“I’m done, Mom, I’m out of here,” Chris said.

Uncomfortable and puzzled by the strange thing that just happened, we finished up for the day so we could get out of the house as quickly as possible

Later that night, I checked the Gone with the Wind music box and removed the bubble wrap from the base only to see there was a small button you had to physically slide to one side in order for it to start playing. Therefore, it hadn’t started to play because I had picked it up.

How in the world had it played on its own?

The movie Gone with the Wind had been one of Paul’s favorite movies and he had done several popular lectures on it for senior and cinema clubs. His lectures were accompanied with many props: posters, still photos of the cast, dolls portraying the characters and memorabilia he personally collected.

Was the music a sign my friend’s spirit was still around and was letting me know he was still around and wasn’t gone with the wind?

Monday, April 22, 2019


Background Story to THE INTENZO INCIDENT:


There is a battle being waged at Anita’s house and the combatants aren’t alive. The once docile, dormant ghostly residents of Anita Jo Intenzo’s 1800’s property are now enraged over the recent “dark trespassers” that have joined their household. These sinister entities were unknowingly transported along with hundreds of ancient artifacts left to Anita by her deceased friend,Paul Jaeger, an anthropologist. A disruptive force transferred with the “trespassers” dark nature soon becomes apparent when violent poltergeist activity begins on Christmas Eve 2009, only two months after Anita settles Paul’s estate. She has a sickening realization that her home is now what Paul Jaeger’s house once was-Haunted! With the help of paranormal investigator Laurie Hull and deliverance minister Bill Bean the spiritual battle lines are drawn against the some of the darkest evil the world has ever known. Who will win with their sanity intact? Anita’s popular and successful debut book, Estate of Horror, was the inspiration for the episode “Portal of Doom”,aired on A HAUNTING TV show on Destination America.

Bill was featured in my episode of A HAUNTING TV SHOW ( SEASON 7 EPISODE 12) DECEMBER 2014  "PORTAL OF DOOM"  Here is the link to the show.


Bill Bean has been to my house at least 6 times since my books were published. here the most recent incident.

Bill came to our home in November 2018 ( week before Thanksgiving) for a visit and to give us a "Booster" shot of spiritual deliverance against the forces that continued to plague us. Bill has done this every so often to keep things in check.

Here is a recap of some of the things that occurred during that visit.

He started in our living room with prayers and getting our feedback to what had lately gone on in the way of paranormal activity.

We showed Bill ghostly fingerprints that appeared on our mirror in the first floor bathroom.

He went upstairs and although we think we captured an orb in my bedroom, we are not sure if it is one. Also there was a blue haze or form that was captured in our garage.

Bill then went down the basement and there he started at the fireplace that is part of the original foundation of an 1800's farmhouse that our Cape Cod house is built on top of. 



This is where we all heard a long, loud groan/moan when Bill started his prayers.Bill told whatever was in the basement to leave. Something didn't like

My son Chris  brought his cell phone camera and said to Bill that something was following him around the basement and caught the images: Here are some photos my he captured that day.  

            A long dark snake like shadow on the floor we caught sight of following Bill.

Photo of a horrific face forming on our duct pipe to heater in basement. It has a different look compared to another face photo. Notice a "jaw" that seems to be hanging down.

 Detail of face

Photo of THE FACE that Bill said looks alien and seems to have teeth/fangs. This formed on the aluminium duct pipe too.  

Shadow man wearing a hat at our back storm door stair well of our basement and what looks like with his dog. These entities have shown up before in our home and are documented in my book Dark Transference.

Creepy images to say the least and it really left a very deep impression on Bill Bean that we are still in danger; but that we are strong believers that nothing will scare us away from the light of Christ and our home. Our story continues.

Created by Erin Spellman and it gives a full picture of the events of that day.

Copy and paste the link into browser for the full slide show.

Thursday, May 17, 2018


This is an interesting entry I have been meaning to post for the last few months. As my intriguing title suggests there was an highly unusual incident that occurred in December of last year.
As many faithful readers of my blogs you know of the many crazy incidents involving the paranormal that has affected my life and that of my family for the past 9 years. In fact I wrote two books documenting our paranormal journey when my friend of 30 years, Paul Jaeger, an anthropologist, passed away suddenly in 2009. As Executor of his estate I and my son experienced horrific poltergeist activity as we spent 10 months cleaning out his hoarder's house. We've been "haunted" ever since.

Well, I wrote a blog several years ago concerning people receiving telephone calls presumably from deceased relatives; and there is documented evidence by the paranormal community that spirit or ghostly activity can  cause electrical anomalies and manipulate electronics we use every day. But I have a story that is one for the books!

My son Chris and I have a hobby store in a neighboring township. We have bundled package with Comcast for our business needs and have been with this company for 4 years. I noticed in December 2017, I hadn't received our monthly bill and when I checked our files I realized we never received our November bill either. I asked my son if he saw the bills and he realized he hadn't seen any for the last month. So I called Comcast thinking that somehow they were lost in the mail. This is where the story gets bizarre.

Upon checking our account the Customer Service Rep stated that there had been a call into their office asking to change our business address.
"What?" I exclaimed, surprised. "We never called you from here to do that. What is the new address?"
The Rep paused on the phone a few moments and looked up the new address. She came back on the line.
"The address I have on record since October 13th is *360
Havencrest Road," she said.

At first I thought I hadn't heard right and I asked her to repeat it. A chill ran down my spine and I turned to my son and asked him, "Why does that address sound familiar?"
Chris thought for a moment. Wasn't that Paul's address?" he asked.
OMG! He was right! 
Chris looked up the address and information on the house with his cell phone. The house was on the market for sale. Again.
I then asked the Rep how someone was able to change our address over the phone? 
"They had to have your account number to verify,"  she replied. 
"But it wasn't us!" I said with agitation. "You don't understand. That address belonged to my deceased friend. I haven't been to his house since selling it October 2009. And the house is vacant at this time."

Spooky door knob

To say the Rep was a bit confused and slightly creeped out was an understatement. She was absolutely flabbergasted and had no satisfying answer other than our bills had been going to Paul's address for the last two months. She emailed us the bills for November and December 2017 and they clearly showed Paul's address as the new forwarding address. 

Why had someone given Paul's address to Comcast to redirect our Comcast bills? But hey, if someone else wanted to pay our bills, I was all for it. Even if it was a "ghostwriter" on the checks. But no such luck. No one had paid them and we had a finance charge of a late fee on top of that! 

I am at a loss for why this happened. Of all addresses in the world or even just in the county, why Paul's address?  How did someone have our account number? Was this some type of signal from my deceased friend to remind me not to forget him? A ghost high jacking my bill to get my attention? I don't know. This is so strange and wasn't normal, it was paranormal.

Luckily,Comcast took off the finance charge and changed back our original business address. We put a safeguard password on the account so this would never happen again. The Rep then made out a report of a fraudulent compromise/alert on our account. I'd love to see how she was wording this for her supervisor to read.

My Sample

Comcast Customer Complaint Report 666: Fraudulent use of business account: Unauthorized change of business address. 
According to records Customer complained that Comcast sent bills to the wrong address for the months of November and December 2017. Comcast acknowledges that the correct account number for business Enter The Realm was given over the phone for address change on October 13th, 2017.

Authorized person that called in: Deceased aka GHOST?

Conclusion: Comcast changed back customer's business address and apologized for any inconvenience. In all fairness Comcast has never had something like this ever happen before and is going on record that this case was WEIRD!!!

Just a note: After looking back in my files as Executor for Paul's house I found this. We had signed papers selling Paul's house to contractors on October 13th 2009!!!!!

Front of Paul's house

* Not real address

Thursday, May 25, 2017


Most of you that follow my blogs know by now my story of a extraordinary true haunting that started in 2009 and continues to this day.
My experiences have been documented in my 2 books: Estate of Horror and my newest Dark Transference: The Sequel to Estate of Horror. 
My last blog dealt with my agent being told of attacks my son and I have endured before my last book was published in October 2016, and after.
The latest that occurred end of December 2016 and into January 2017. The attacks were so bad that we had to once again enlist the help of our dear friend, spirital warrior and world renown Deliverance Minister Bill Bean.
Here is what transpired between us and Bill and how things were resolved for the time being.

Message to Bill Bean-JAN 4TH, 4:50PM

Dearest Bill,
     I wish I can bring you good news that the New Year is looking up for us but it seems the start of 2017 has ominous overtones for both Chris and me.  On New Year’s Eve Chris was attacked in our store basement by some dark force. He and his friend had been in the basement to retrieve some inventory. When they were headed for the stairs a wooden folding chair levitated off the ground and smashed into Chris at the knees catching him off balance and he fell.  His friend saw it happen in front of him so fast he couldn't grab Chris. He called me from the store frantic. They locked the basement and headed home early. He spent New Year's Eve with an ice pack on his knee and bruises on his arm.

Yesterday morning, January 3rd, I was attacked. I went to get dressed and found 2 large scratches on my stomach. I didn't feel anything but these were fresh and bleeding so they recently happened.  Here is a photo. The biggest scratch is 3" long. My friend was over last night and was shocked to see this. She said it look like someone with very sharp fingernails dug into my skin as the scratches are deep. Chris said yesterday at the store he went down to the basement and heard a horrible growl and he came right upstairs again. We had some other poltergeist activity days leading up to Christmas. I spoke to my agent Laurie and she is very concerned and said,"Did you get in touch with Bill?"                                                            
I am going over the store this afternoon with the holy water and prayers you gave us, but we are not having anyone go down the basement alone. I know you would want to know what was going on.  We have been making plans and moving items out of the store and our basement and that is when this started up again. Chris believes we brought something over from my parent’s basement. I have a video from that time when you were in my parent’s house  Aug 2015, and we caught anomalies and a growling voice on the video. I must send that to you. Hope to hear from you soon dear friend and please keep us in your prayers. 
Much love, Anita
This is what the scratches look like today

JAN 4TH, 6:48PM

Bill: Hi sweetie, I'm coming to help you ASAP!
I'm looking over my schedule right now Anita.  
I'm jammed packed but I'm going to make time for you.
How about January 18th?

Me: Whatever time is good for you Bill. We will work with your schedule. We know how busy you are.

Bill:OK. I will come to the store first and then your house. I'm going to have my secretary call you to finalize everything because she's in charge of my schedule.

Bill:Love you all dearly and can't wait to get there on the 18th.

Me: Thank you Bill. We are so grateful to you.

Bill:You are family and I feel the urgency. 

Me: These newest attacks have really thrown us. We believe the plans we are making to get rid of things in our basement and store basement have stirred up some very negative energy. We want to be able to clear out so much stuff that's been a burden and it's if something wants to prevent us from doing that by threatening us with bodily harm.

Bill: We are not having that for you guys! No way!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Me: You are so right Bill. We are not backing down. We want to move on with our lives and the past has no place in our future!

Bill: I need your phone numbers again, Anita. I had both your numbers in my phone but now they are gone. That's bizarre. LOL

Me: I am not surprised. Laurie, my agent, has had my files disappear from her computer

Bill: Adding them all in right now, sweetie.
We bind and rebuke all of this garbage by the mighty power of YAHWEH in Jesus name! God Bless you till I see you Wednesday.

End of Messages 

Bill Bean drove up to Pennsylvania and to our store from Maryland on that day, Wednesday, January 18th.
We were so glad to see him and felt immediate relief with his presence. Bill enters a room and the calm comes with him. All fears and anxiety melt away and you feel protected instantly. That is what a man of God, a Warrior of Christ is like when in a you are in a situation of extraordinary paranormal circumstances. 

Bill went to the front of the store and took out his bottle of holy water with black salt and his Bible to the front of the store and started his prayers.

He then proceeded down our store basement and said he could feel something wasn't right. There was a heaviness to the atmosphere. He walked to the back of the basement and said he felt that area was the worst as if a negative presence was there. We confirmed that was the same area Chris' friend Danny had seen a dark figure in the corner and scared the living daylights out of him.

Bill concentrated all his efforts in that corner and then walked around the room with his Bible in hand, holy water and continued his prayers for deliverance and blessings throughout the area.
The air was still and very silent. Bill made the sign of the cross and we heard a loud BANG! the same time.

Note: These are the stacked wooden chairs and the one in the front is what levitated off the ground and hit into Chris on New Year's Eve.

"They don't like that I'm here Anita," Bill said.
After an hour, Bill finished his blessings and cleansing. We heard several POPS upstairs and Bill said it was the portal closing in the store. I guess when the dark meets the light there is no contest.

It has been several months since Bill Bean was at our store. All has been fairly quiet. There has been a few incidents like last Saturday, a long, shiny brass screw was suddenly thrown across the room and hit a table. Chris' friend Danny saw it happen and picked up the object. They looked around the furniture and could not figure out where it came from.

"WOW! Is it starting up again?" asked Danny.
"Who knows?" answered Chris. "Nothing is certain with the paranormal!"

Indeed. Stay tuned!

Thursday, October 27, 2016


As told to Anita Jo's Literary Agent

OCTOBER 27, 2016

     I recently heard from my client Anita Jo Intenzo and she had some frightening things to discuss with me. Ever since her book Dark Transference came out this month of October, she and her son Chris have had some unusual and terrifying occurrences that they feel they could be under psychic attack. Anita has experienced some medical difficulties recently which she did not believe were related to publishing her book. However, the recent physical attacks her she and her son have described to me could be related to the timing of her book being released this month. Here is a direct link to see her book on her website page.

Shadow man at Anita's front door captured July 2012.

     As any reader of her books well knows, Anita and her son have been greatly affected by paranormal conditions they have lived through in the last 7 years from the first moment they took charge of her deceased friend Paul Jaeger's estate in 2009. Their story inspired the well-received episode Portal of Doom, which aired on A Haunting TV show in 2014, and graphically showed the horrific confrontations they endured with supernatural, evil forces in a haunting situation at Paul’s house.

Bill Bean, world renown deliverance minister, going down our basement steps to meet the unknown entities.

   There have been many paranormal incidents leading up to Anita publishing this second book. She believes a very destructive entity arrived last year at her house after she sold her mother’s house. Many personal items have been found broken, or disappeared and later found and multiple hand and finger prints on her mirrors. 

Incredible fingerprints of one hand on upstairs bathroom mirror. Notice the thumb looks transparent. 
Appeared day after the TV show episode aired, December 29th, 2014

An English Long Bow, that Chris painted and designed, was found off the wall mountings and snapped one Friday night in September 2015. In takes a lot of strength to break Hickory wood like this. 

Multiple finger prints on Anita's upstairs bathroom mirror. September 2016

     Here is one I took when we had lunch several months ago and suddenly I saw Anita's new shirt damaged right in front of me. There was a rip on her shoulder as if someone had sharp nails and torn through the fabric. You could also see white finger marks that were left!


     As recently as last Tuesday, October 17th, Anita and Chris were prone to sudden spells of mental and physical attacks. It started with Chris having a dream one night and was warned, “Watch out for the Krunrats!”   
     What the hell is a Krunrat? they asked. Does anyone know?

     Not able to find any reference to this on the internet, they had no idea what they were in for. The very next day they heard loud bangs, footsteps running throughout their house and Chris swore someone was dancing above him on the second floor when no one was upstairs. This was setting a stage for more paranormal incidents.

      At his hobby store last Wednesday, Chris entered the building with a temperature at a steady 75 degrees. Twenty minutes later as he was busy with inventory the temperature rose to 94 degrees! He then had a sudden stomach ache, broke out in a cold sweat and landed in the bathroom until he felt better. 

Chris's hobby store, Enter The Realm.

     Later, Chris entered his office and found the battery operated clock on the wall said 1 PM when it was only 11:30 AM. Before he could change it the time changed to 2:30 then 4 PM in a matter of 10 minutes. He then heard a loud bang and when he investigated he found that there was blue fluid all over the bathroom floor from a bottle of toilet bowl cleaner being thrown against the wall. Frightened, Chris called his mother and asked if she could come to the store which she did although she had not been feeling well. That night as they went over last minute displays for an upcoming event, Anita was suddenly hit with a seizure that left her dizzy, in a cold sweat, shaken and unsteady on her feet. She had medication with her but had to wait 2 hours before feeling well enough to drive home.

     Three days later, the clock stayed froze at 12:35 PM and they even had stones thrown at them as they entered their store late Saturday night while unloading their car after the event. The parking lot was deserted.

     There is something definitely weird going on and not of a normal nature and hopefully things will calm down for them; but one never knows when you live a paranormal life like my client and her son have lived the last 7 years. 

Wednesday, July 13, 2016


How many readers have had the experience of objects mysteriously gone missing only later to find them in the oddest places?
Well I have!
Is it a case of just being forgetful? Or is it something more in the paranormal realm?
Here is my story. You be the judge.

I call it the "Case of the Missing Earrings."
Last month I had one of the strangest things happen to me. Now strange things happen to me all the time and is not that all unusual for me to have encounters with ghosts. Especially those of you who have read my book, Estate of Horror, know what I am talking about. 
You read of my ghostly encounters that started 7 years that have been incredible and diverse and to the present. But this was different. I never had jewelry gone missing. Taken right off my ear but never felt a thing!
Last month I had on a pair of pierced gold and silver hoop earrings with a heart design and wore them during the day. I went shopping, stopped at the bank and then went to our hobby store, Enter The Realm, for the evening to help out my son Chris.
Chris with his designed, built and painted miniature models,  a Ghost Busters army.

After coming home that night I was getting changed and went to take off my jewelry and found my right earring was missing!  I was frantic and started looking around the bedroom carpet, checked my clothing and looked in my car. No earring.
I called Chris still at the store and asked him if he found an earring on the floor. He called me back after 10 minutes with the report of no earring there. I was sad as I loved these earrings as they were a birthday gift from a friend. I gave up the search realizing I had been in and out of too many places that day to even begin a search to retrace my steps. It was gone for good.
Or was it?
A week or two later I was putting on another pair of earrings and came across the single hoop earring, now missing its mate. I knew that these earring had a sturdy snap back clasp and couldn't figure out how it could have come off my ear so easily. I then looked at a picture of my deceased mother that was on my bureau. 
Her beautiful face smiled back at me and I wistfully sighed and said to her out loud, "Mom if a ghost took my earring, could you please get it back for me?" I then wiped a tear from my eye and went about my business. I miss my mom so much.

A few days later, as I went into my summer, off-white handbag that ironically had belong to my mom, to retrieve my car keys, there in the middle zippered section of the bag at the bottom was my missing earring! And it's clasp was shut! If it had fallen off my ear by chance into the bag wouldn't the clasp have been open I thought.
I was speechless. How in the world did it get there? All I could do was say, "Thanks mom!"

Now notice my title says, The Case of the Missing Earrings. 
That's right it happened again last week. 

I went to take off a different pair of pierced gold earrings and once again my right earring was missing. Are you kidding me?
This time I didn't even bother to look around as I knew this was another case of an earring gone missing by supernatural means. I was now convinced that some mischievous ghost was having a grand time playing hide and seek with me with my jewelry. I thought to be patient and perhaps the earring would turn up soon, but I was annoyed.
Do you have a ghost who likes to hide your personal things?

This morning I once again looked at my mom's picture and said to her, "Mom, another earring is missing, can you see about getting it back to me." 
Then I said to the air, "Hey whoever took my earring can I have it back, please?"
Well, my son called me a few hours later from the store and I could tell by the tone of his voice there was some good news to share with me. 
"Hey mom, I was going into my pants pocket for a tissue and something pricked my finger. It went right under my finger nail. When I pulled it out of my pocket it looks like it's your missing gold earring!"
"You have got to be kidding!" I said.
He then described it to me and yes, and it was my lost earring. How it got there I can't explain. 
All I can say is,"Thanks mom. And tell that trickster ghost to stop taking my jewelry!"